About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce. Indiana ACTE strives to empower educators to deliver high-quality CTE programs that ensure all students are positioned for career success.

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In-ACTE Views on Diversity and Inclusion

The IN-ACTE Board of Directors is deeply appreciative of the National ACTE Diversity Task Force’s hard work, time, and energy in developing recommendations for the board to consider. Diversity and inclusion are important issues for ACTE. Building upon the work of the Diversity Task Force, the ACTE Board of Directors developed a Board Statement to address diversity and inclusion. Indiana ACTE promotes high-quality CTE programs for diverse audiences. We continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diversity of the CTE community. We are committed to equity, access, inclusion, and diversity throughout our organization.

We stand behind and support the Board Statement developed by the ACTE Board of Directors. We believe in cultivating and upholding an inclusive culture in order to better serve our students, businesses, and communities. There is nothing we love to do more than serve you.

What We Value

Member Value and Engagement

Indiana ACTE’s success is dependent on our educators and also those whom we serve. By strengthening and supporting leadership and alignment throughout this infrastructure, we will increase both capacity and, more importantly, member value. We also have implemented our Focus|ED program. Focus|ED is a recruitment and retention program for CTE teachers in the state of Indiana. The main objective of Focus|ED is to give teachers the resources to continue to grow and enjoy teaching CTE. Focus|ED is free to all CTE teachers and directors.

Using information given by teachers and directors in CTE, Focus|ED will build custom professional development for all CTE instructors. This will help support the needs of directors as well as teachers, mentors, and coaches. Focus|ED also seeks to give teachers opportunities with businesses and post secondary partners. Additionally, the hope is to recruit new teachers and grow the CTE community.

Indiana ACTE has strategized ways to make our plans a reality. These include efforts to:

  • Create a continuum of high-quality professional and leadership development experiences delivered through diverse but aligned set of channels.
  • Develop an intuitive member profile that recognizes and encourages professional and leadership development planning and participation

Professional and Leadership Development

Indiana ACTE aims to reinvent our professional development system. Our intention is to help grow every member every year. Our current resources and delivery systems will be evolved to meet the needs of our educators from before service to retirement. The system will use professional development to transform Indiana ACTE members from learners to leaders. We will provide high-quality professional development available through a variety of delivery channels.

Indiana ACTE takes pride in its efforts to help others through their educational and career journeys. In order to be able to meet the professional and leadership goals we have in place, we plan to:

  • Develop and implement a plan for measuring and improving the quality of
    IN-ACTE’s professional and leadership development offerings through needs
    assessments and surveys
  • Deliver robust professional and leadership development that addresses
    IN-ACTE’s high-quality CTE framework and other content priorities
  • Develop a system to equip members to create their own professional and
    leadership development plans through IN-ACTE’s online profile
  • Increase the percentage of members who have a professional and leadership development experience each year Indiana ACTE has strategized ways to make our plans a reality.

Advocacy and Awareness

ACTE is seen as the credible source of information on U.S. career and technical education. Through CTE brand development, advocacy, and prioritized audience targeting, ACTE can impact the perceived value of CTE. Ultimately, Indiana ACTE can use its own reputation and that of ACTE to advocate for and change perceptions of CTE in targeted audiences.

As we all know, education is important. Some may feel that a four-year degree is not something they would be interested in and think they have no other options. That’s where we can offer a helping hand. By doing this, we not only help our fellow Hoosiers, but we also are able to begin filling the skills gap as shown here. In order to successfully accomplish this, we must:

  • Develop an action plan to define the critical role of CTE and enhance the public dialogue on CTE with targeted audiences
  • Educate and mobilize stakeholders for positive legislative impact at the state level

We want to better serve our Hoosiers. If we are to create better skills, opportunities, and livelihoods for them, we must ensure they know Indiana ACTE is here to help them. We must:

  • Increase positive media coverage (statewide awareness, public appearances, press releases)
  • Increase positive perception of CTE (among students, parents, employers, counselors, and administrators)
  • Increase participation in CTE Month activities and showcases
  • Increase support for legislation that supports CTE at the statewide level
  • Increase the use of IN-ACTE advocacy training and resources

Strategic Partnerships

Indiana ACTE is partnered with a variety of organizations. We do this so we can serve as a liaison between business leaders, education leaders, and policymakers. Expanded connections and shared initiatives with the Indiana Department of Education, Engineering/Technology Educators of Indiana, American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Vincennes University, IVY Tech Community College, and the Indiana Association of Career and Technical Education Districts will provide our students with the support needed to further their education and profession.

Indiana ACTE forms partnerships with you in mind. We have connections throughout Indiana that will benefit you during your education and career development. We chose to do this to:

  • Increase new, mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Sustain, retain, and grow “key” partners
  • Expand IN-ACTE’s showcase and promotion of local and national models of business-education partnerships and other entities supportive of CTE
  • Strengthen the alignment of partnership activities with IN-ACTE’s strategic plan and content priorities
  • Expand the direct impact of IN-ACTE’s partners on our members through increased connection points, funding for CTE programs, and other opportunities that meet our evaluation criteria
  • Increase the level of support IN-ACTE’s partners provide to IN-ACTE’s initiatives and activities


From expanding CTE opportunities for middle school students to addressing emerging occupations, local programs need access to innovative curriculums and approaches aligned with Indiana ACTE’s high quality CTE framework to meet the education and training needs of Indiana’s students and employers. Indiana ACTE’s expansive delivery structure offers an extraordinary path to identify and cultivate innovation throughout its system. Innovation is a vital component in order to continue successful and growth-oriented operations. We would like to continue to grow to better serve Hoosiers. To do this we must:

innovation computers
  • Strengthen IN-ACTE’s capacity to identify and source models of innovation and emerging trends impacting CTE
  • Increase professional development offerings, events, and sessions that model innovative practices across all elements of the high-quality CTE framework
  • Expand opportunities to expose members to industry trends and new technologies
  • Create more opportunities for members to connect with business and industry support and grant funds available for fostering innovative CTE programs