What is Focus|Ed

Focus|Ed is a recruitment and retention program for CTE (Career and Technical Education) teachers in Indiana. Ultimately, Focus|Ed was created to give teachers the resources they need to continue to grow and enjoy teaching CTE classes.

By using information provided by CTE teachers and directors, Focus|Ed also aims to build custom professional development for all CTE instructors. This will help support the needs of directors as well as teachers, mentors, and coaches. Focus|Ed also seeks to give teachers opportunities with businesses and post-secondary partners. Additionally, the hope is to recruit new teachers and grow the CTE community.


CTE Statistics


of CTE Teachers intend to leave the field.


of students are enrolled in CTE and STEM programs


shortage of CTE teachers for all industries

Addressing the Teacher Shortage

Career Clusters also make it easier for students and adults to fine-tune their career paths in order to be able to sustain upward movement within their careers.

The Hoosier State is already experiencing a severe CTE teacher shortage. Reportedly, 37% are planning to leave the profession.

Indiana currently has fewer than 60,000 teachers across the entire state. The CTE enrollment numbers are on the rise despite the shortage of teachers to meet those demands.


For example, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Pathways compose more than 60% of student enrollment, but there’s around a 70% shortage of teachers in those areas. While there are a variety of reasons for the shortage, one major factor is the inability to properly recruit. Contributing factors include low pay and a lack of job satisfaction, professional support, and social atmosphere.

The majority of CTE teachers are not leaving the profession due to content or students. While these may have a significant effect on other areas in the education field, the main issues for CTE teachers are things like pay and professional development opportunities. While it’s understood wage issues can’t be solved right away, they can be counteracted in other ways. That includes creating positive relationships between teachers and administrators, providing quality teaching materials, improving facilities, and providing more opportunities for professional development.

Focus|Ed plans to address this by:

● Asking questions
● Brainstorming answers
● Creating strategies
● Investing in people and ideas
● Tracking goals

Our research suggests teachers who feel successful with students and whose schools were organized to support them in their teaching — providing collegial interaction, opportunities for growth, appropriate assignments, adequate resources, and school-wide structures supporting student learning — were less likely to leave their school than teachers in schools who were not organized to support them.

For the recruitment process, Focus|Ed reiterates the importance of looking locally, increasing ease of entry into the field, supporting success, and promoting professional development.

As for retention, the main focus is on maintaining readily available resources, improving relationships with administrators, improving incentives, and creating confidence.

We expect Focus|Ed to grow in the coming year. We will be laying the foundation for our mission, starting research, creating programs, and gathering feedback.