Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education

Region III Conference

June 12-14, 2024 in Indianapolis, IN

Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education

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Explore Indiana's 16 Career Clusters in our Career Pathways interactive and discover which CTE program is right for you!

What is Indiana ACTE?

The Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education (IN-ACTE) aims to promote and build career and technical education for Hoosier students who will one day become leaders in the workforce. 

Indiana ACTE works to create support for CTE, while assisting educators with developing quality programs to boost Career and Technical Education.

Our career pathways are challenging and relevant to career and technical content, providing opportunities for students to gain dual college credit and prepare for life beyond secondary and post-secondary school. Indiana ACTE focuses on providing high-wage and high-skill opportunities for in-demand careers. 

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80% of students taking a college prep academic curriculum combined with rigorous CTE meet college and career readiness goals.

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CTE students are more likely to report problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills developed during
high school.

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Students from CTE high schools have higher rates of on-time graduation and
credit accumulation.

CTE includes 16 Career Clusters comprising more than 79 pathways.

Career Clusters include:

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Indiana ACTE is currently involved in legislative efforts and policy work on issues affecting career and technical education in the CTE community.

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